A Long Pause and Progress

Starting something from scratch comes with seasons of rushing and seasons of pause. Over the last few months, most of what we have accomplished has been foundational and unseen. Prayer, research, fundraising, and strategizing have defined the latter half of 2018 here at The Love Wins House on Pennington.

We’ve got a few updates to share with you as we close 2018 and look ahead to 2019 - the year we plan to host our first residents at Love Wins on Pennington!

Plans Are Drawn!

Thanks to Severn Runner, Chip Keener and his architecture firm, Studio K Architecture, we have finalized plans for the house. Check them out below!

Love Wins Reno Plan.jpg

Demolition Is Complete!

Our friends at Ed’s Demolition Company did a fantastic job carefully and efficiently clearing out the old to make room for the new. Their generous and excellent work has allowed us to be ready for the next phase of construction.

Let The Certifications Roll In

Under the diligence of Severn Run’s Missions Leader, Vicki DeLair, we are working to acquire all the proper accreditations and certifications to become a Level 2 Transitional Home for women. Our goal is to house 8-12 women at a time who have completed an in-patient substance abuse rehabilitation stay and are actively trying to pursue recovery. Most people who complete an in-patient rehab program have to immediately go back into their homes and communities upon exiting their 30 to 90-day initial program. For many women, heading right back into the environments where they initially struggled with addiction can greatly threaten their recovery journey, so our goal is to help give them a better chance at living successfully in recovery throughout their lives. The home will be a peer-led community only open to those who are actively and willingly working their recovery journeys. Residents will pay a small, week-to-week rental fee and be responsible for attending meetings, holding a consistent job, contributing to chores and the responsibilities of the house, and remaining sober. They will be able to stay as little as a few months and as long as a few years. The ultimate goal is that the women who live at Love Wins on Pennington will be able to further their recovery journey surrounded by a supportive community, always knowing that they are loved and valued for who they are.

Remodeling Progress Is Beginning

Progress has been slow but steady as we rehab this great historic home. We have been able to secure our basement with elegant and sturdy glass block thanks to Glass Block of Baltimore. Our front stairway leading up to the front door is safe and up to code thanks to the work of Maryland Curbscape. Our garage is secure and a helpful storage space thanks to All About Doors. And after lots of looking due to the pitch of the roof and difficulty of the job, we have a new roof thanks to BRC Construction.

We are currently accepting bids from contractors to help us complete the remodel. If you or someone you know might be interested in working with us to complete this project, please contact us! We are also accepting donations of construction material such as drywall, doors, trim, paint, fixtures, etc. If you’re interested in helping lighten the cost, you can donate directly to Love Wins, or you can send in Home Depot Gift Cards to 8187 Telegraph Road, Severn, MD 21144. (TIP: sometimes those credit card points you don’t know what to do with can get you some free gift cards!)

2019 Is The Year!

We are excited to say that we envision having our first residents of Love Wins on Pennington before 2019 is over. To turn around a massive project like this one in such a short time period will be a testament to God’s amazing faithfulness, and we are excited to see Him work through us! In 2017, the Love Wins Movement wasn’t even a thought in existence. In 2018, we took a bold step and a big risk by investing in our first property. In 2019, we will get to see lives changed! Thank you for supporting this big faith step, and we look forward to giving you more updates!

Expect to see some progress posts about construction as well as information about our first job opening of House Manager soon.

Renovations Have Begun!

It is an exciting time for the Love Wins House,  because renovations officially started this week! Most of the rooms have been demolished, except for a few remaining sections. Check out a few progress pictures from week 1 renovations! Stay with us, as this is only the beginning of the Love Wins House! 

Cleaning Out the House!

After the closing of the house, and the first look (check out Vlogs 1-3), the next step was to clean out everything in the house! The last few months have been spent cleaning out, and getting ready to sell all the material goods and furniture that was still in the house when purchased. 

The house has 3 floors (not including the basement/cellar) and it has 5-7 bedrooms. Back in the day, this house was a gorgeous mansion, and though today the house is an antique, there are still remnants of the beauty that this house once was. Check out the progress!

Vlog #2: The Closing

In January of 2018, the journey of discovering Love Wins began. We had been looking for a place to create this ministry, and it has now been found! Come along with us to witness the closing on the Love Wins House!

Vlog #1: The Journey Begins

The Church at Severn Run prayed for the opportunity to establish a rehab and ministry center in the community, and in 2018 an opportunity arose to pursue that ministry. Journey with us to discover the ministry we call Love Wins!