Current Progress

The past several months we’ve been working on cleaning out the house so it can be used as a transitional home for the women of Curtis Bay.

Since the house was still furnished when we bought it, we held an estate sale at Severn Run to raise money for the house. More than half of the household goods were sold, and a profit of $8,500 was made from all the sales.

Feel free to watch the YouTube video posted below to find out more about how the Love Wins estate sale went!

Next Step...Renovations!

The next step is renovation of the entire interior of the house, and we are currently waiting on our demo to begin in the next couple of weeks.


Future Goal!

We are praying this house in the Curtis Bay community will become one of many houses scattered around the area, state, and eventually the country. We are calling it a movement because we want Love Wins to spread to people of every tongue and nation.